Thursday, June 13, 2013


When one has a teenager it is not cool for them to have a parent within 50 feet of them and their friends!  So, I have been banished to house whilst they play in the pool.  2 hours later I created this:

Once again, I went to The Graphics Fairy...I think this is starting into an obsession...

<still trying to get a photo of the girls in the pool>


  1. did a search in Graphics Fairy for these keys. Never did find them.

  2. Hi. I will go on the Graphics Fairy website and find the images for you! 😊

  3. Okay, I checked The Graphics Fairy website (; on the homepage look on the upper right side. You will see "Categories"; click on it and you will see 3 different choices. Pick the first choice: "Search by Category". All of Karen's images are set up in folders. I found the keys in the "Objects" folder. There are a lot of pages, so it will take some time to find them. :-)