Thursday, October 3, 2013

French Label End Table

I am very proud of this project...

This was one ugly, beat-up end table:

 And After:

I painted 1 coat of ASCP (cream = soft butter color).  The wood stain bled through, so I had to paint the entire table with a primer/sealer.  2 more coats of ASCP (cream).  For the label, I used a french label from The Graphics Fairy.  To enlarge the label, there is a section on the website dedicated to transferring images.  I used the 1st method to enlarge the label.  It took 4 sheets of paper (8.5x11) to print the entire label.  I cut out the label; taped the edges together, and applied mod podge to the front of the label; then placed the wet image face-down onto the top of the table.  I then smoothed out the air bubbles with a putty scraper.  The image dried overnight. To remove the paper, I wet it with water and slowly rubbed the paper off with my fingers.  Some of the image came away completely, but I liked the gave the entire image a worn/antiqued look to it.  I then waxed the entire table/image with AS clear wax, then antiqued the table/image with AS dark wax.  A little sanding; then clear/dark/clear wax.


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