Friday, August 29, 2014

Bonaventure Cemetery

I've got to confess, I love cemeteries.  It's my parents' fault.  They loved cemeteries, too.  When we were stationed down South, there are fabulous cemeteries...crypts, moss, ancient gnarled trees...fabulous.  Now I'm not a fan of horror films, but I do believe you can learn a lot about a society on how they honor their dead.  Okay...and I love moss and gravestones...

We decided to  take a day off from the beach (plus the weather was blah) so we drove to Savannah.  It was an easy day trip from Hilton Head, only a 40 minute drive. 

Savannah has an amazing cemetery, the Bonaventure Cemetery.  It is moody, sculptural, historic, and just an incredible place to stroll around.  

Gracie gives me the creeps.

I think Maddie may have inherited the family love for cemeteries

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