Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Alaskan Brown Bear (Holly) Adopts an Abandoned Cub

I am a huge fan of's live cams.  One of my favorites are the cameras following the Alaskan Brown Bears.  An Alaskan brown bear is the genetic twin of a grizzly bear, but with the abundant food source on the Alaskan coast, the brown bears are significantly larger (1200lb ready-for-hibernation male Alaskan brown bear vs 800lb ready-for-hibernation male grizzly).  There are 3 cameras that are remotely operated by volunteer camera operators (I am one).  Those 3 cameras are:

Brooks Falls
Lower River West
River Watch (Lower River East)

A fourth camera (Dumpling Mountain) is a stationary camera.

Today, NPR aired an interview with Ranger Roy Wood, from Katmai National Park.  Katmai has the largest concentration of Alaskan Brown Bears.  The interview was about a female bear (sow) with a spring cub who adopted an abandon yearling (1.5 years old) cub.  We, who have been watching the brown bear cams, have witnessed this drama playing out since July of this year.  It is an amazing story and I encourage all to listen to it.

And! Go visit and look at all the live cameras! If bears aren't your cup of tea,  there are rescue kittens and dogs, African wildlife, service dogs/puppies, etc.  It is an incredible website!

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